Sunday, May 17, 2009

Do not copy please !

When it comes to the originality of the content, no one can be trusted 100%. Some people just simply copy and paste the content from one site to the other to save time and to get the credit of the fabulous write up, written by someone else.

So how can you solve this problem, is there any technique in which we can trap the duplicate content. Yes you can.

The tool I am going to reveal today, most of the webmasters are already familiar with and it is very popular, but for those who are hearing it for the first time, this seo technique going to be extemely beneficial in gaining their seo knowledge. So here I am introducing a duplicate content checker  -

Internet is a world of expressions, explanations and information which is easily accessible to everyone while sitting at the comfort home or office. Within a few seconds we can access the answers of the most complicated mathematical questions, the historical explanations or learn a new language. Every time the content on the website is created for the specific group of readers.

The “copyscape” provides best and free service in the internet marketing arena to spot the duplicate content. It also displays the websites from where the content is being copied. Just enter the URL of the site or the link of the page you wish to check the duplicity and you’ll get the list of websites having the original content in a moment.

Try and let me know your views


  1. I agreed with you.. copyscape is a good tool and is free of cost.
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  2. Thanks for providing this tool and for comments on my blog.

    All the best with your new blog!

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  4. Really I agree with you, Content is "King" on the internet and your web pages must provide relevant content. your content should slove your reader's problem, desire or need.
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  5. Copyscape is useful to check whether anyone other is not able to publish our content again.

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