Sunday, June 21, 2009

Understanding seo !

I would like to express the process of seo and link building commonly used by a normal link builder. These techniques are enough to get the high rank for a site, if done honestly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique of how things work in internet. It deals with the search engines to manage their web sites, blogs, images etc. The role of SEO is to provide a complete structure to your site by optimizing the page (deals with activities like optimizing the source codes using HTML etc), to drive traffic to your site, increase your page rank in the search results, your web site promotion, etc. on the whole it is called marketing your site, that is INTERNET MARKETING.

The activities include :-

· Complete Website Analysis

· Web Usability

· Keyword Research

· directory submission

· Creating Meta Tags

· Link-Building Campaigns

· SEO Copywriting

· Measuring Success

· Technical Support Package etc.

These provide a completed solution to advertise and market our sites.

As internet has become a decisive part of people’s life, and online business activities had a wide range of relationship with the social networking which also needs the use of SEO, then obviously the demand for SEO field is quite promising. Future and Scope of SEO in India is relatively a new discipline and has wide range of opportunities availably in India and as well as in abroad.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The PR factor !

At the time on working on the seo efforts determing the page rank is one of the most important factors in implementing the seo tactics and get the desired results. Specially when one is involved in the link building campaigns, page rank plays the most important role. Following are some of the commonly used tools to spot the page rank of a particular page.

Google Toolbar - Once installed, it will show the page rank in a highlighed page rank button in the browser. It's very simple and easy to use. Buttons like gmail, google bookmark and a google search field will be there in the toolbar to save time of the information seeker. You can download the google toolbar directly from here -

Seoquake - One of the most popular add-on which is extremely popular among the webmasters and the web developers for determing the page rank. Seoquake includes features like keyword desity, view of internal and external links of the page and many more. It is mostly compatible with the Mozilla firefox, With Mozilla it will work with it’s full strength. It can be obtained from this link -

Multiple page rank check – With the help of the tools discussed above we can determine the page rank of only one webpage at a time. But what if you need to check the page rank of multiple domains at a time, as you are in a hurry to send the report. Here’s another seo technique with these seo multiple page rank checking tools.

I belive the above seo techniques will make your life easier and help coping with the page rank issues.
Happy optimizing :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Do not copy please !

When it comes to the originality of the content, no one can be trusted 100%. Some people just simply copy and paste the content from one site to the other to save time and to get the credit of the fabulous write up, written by someone else.

So how can you solve this problem, is there any technique in which we can trap the duplicate content. Yes you can.

The tool I am going to reveal today, most of the webmasters are already familiar with and it is very popular, but for those who are hearing it for the first time, this seo technique going to be extemely beneficial in gaining their seo knowledge. So here I am introducing a duplicate content checker  -

Internet is a world of expressions, explanations and information which is easily accessible to everyone while sitting at the comfort home or office. Within a few seconds we can access the answers of the most complicated mathematical questions, the historical explanations or learn a new language. Every time the content on the website is created for the specific group of readers.

The “copyscape” provides best and free service in the internet marketing arena to spot the duplicate content. It also displays the websites from where the content is being copied. Just enter the URL of the site or the link of the page you wish to check the duplicity and you’ll get the list of websites having the original content in a moment.

Try and let me know your views

Monday, April 13, 2009


Welcome to the world of seo. As internet marketting becoming popular day by day and the nubmer of websites are increasing at a rapid pace, it is extremely difficult get your website
noticed in the ocean of internet. Earlier, When we used to start making a site the only concept used to revolve in the mind of the webmaster is to how to make the site look good. Logos, banners and an eye catchy color combination were the only priorities. Then they comes to the website development by using scripts, programming languages, flash and so on.
Of course, desgining and development of the site is its  base, but when the duo end, SEO starts. SEO is simply used to make your site visible across the net and rank it in the top position among the various search engines. To acheive this we need to utilize a number of seo techniques and tools. Below is a tool which is quite underrated in the internet marketting world but is of great use.

It's my first post and I would like to share a google position checker
Just enter the keyword and url, and it will show the google position of your site :)