Sunday, June 21, 2009

Understanding seo !

I would like to express the process of seo and link building commonly used by a normal link builder. These techniques are enough to get the high rank for a site, if done honestly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique of how things work in internet. It deals with the search engines to manage their web sites, blogs, images etc. The role of SEO is to provide a complete structure to your site by optimizing the page (deals with activities like optimizing the source codes using HTML etc), to drive traffic to your site, increase your page rank in the search results, your web site promotion, etc. on the whole it is called marketing your site, that is INTERNET MARKETING.

The activities include :-

· Complete Website Analysis

· Web Usability

· Keyword Research

· directory submission

· Creating Meta Tags

· Link-Building Campaigns

· SEO Copywriting

· Measuring Success

· Technical Support Package etc.

These provide a completed solution to advertise and market our sites.

As internet has become a decisive part of people’s life, and online business activities had a wide range of relationship with the social networking which also needs the use of SEO, then obviously the demand for SEO field is quite promising. Future and Scope of SEO in India is relatively a new discipline and has wide range of opportunities availably in India and as well as in abroad.


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  3. no matter how good is the site or blog if its not visible over the internet world it would be useless...the best thing to do is do SEO...its like a blood that keeps the site go on...

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  8. Really interesting article - I had no idea so much was involved...

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