Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cheap seo for clients, Really ?

I am quite concerned with the quality of seo services provided by most of the search engine optimizers. Most of the biggest seo firms in the world usually charge moutain high prices and when it comes to affordable seo services the price would go down to as low as a few bucks and there starts a journey of spam links, like blog comments, forums, mostly flooded with adult, casino and viagra links.

My thoughts over the issue are -

1) When you are a big seo firm and providing quality services. Please do no overcharge your customers for heaven's sake. They are also making money from a lot of hard work. They have family to feed. Quality should be accessible to all.

2) If someone wants to provide cheap services to get notice and generating a firm market of his/her own. Then kindly, keep in mind a simple fact that you chose the path of delivering cheap services by yourself. That doesn't mean you should decrease the level of quality of your work. Most of the service providers offers 1/3price of the standard seo services, don't give utmost attention to the nature of links and relevancy.

Search engine optimization is the process of supporting business. It is a service to help our customers in achieving what they want. Help them to make the best use of their website. In this case our services should be accessible to them without any sacrifice on the quality.


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