Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google is changing

Google has just updated its homepage by introducing the black menu bar over the top of the page. The color of the fonts on the menu look greyish.

For quite a long time google has been experimenting on the user interface of the homepage.

Now, last week it launched "Voice search". I actually liked it. The google voice extension can be downloaded via. google official voice search link - Currently it is available for Chrome only. Just speak and the search will be made accordingly.

Even the color of the left navigation bar the serp's page has also been changed to grey. Well I am hoping some more changes in the interface, in terms of color combination and the style of the buttons.

Most of the changes are looking good though, and looks promising, but, can't say what would be final result or will google again stick to the basics.

Let's see what's behind the curtain next.

1 comment:

  1. yes..Google has been changed. I love this black menu bar over the top of the page. Why suddenly it has been changed? Any way its looking nice.